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Updated: Feb 28, 2020

" Back to the origins in the middle of the frenetic Ho Chi Minh City "

THE BIM FACTORY's (dnb team) is exploring the design of an Eco-Community Garden which includes an Eco-farming area and ten Eco-bungalows next to the river. Within the current scenario of Ho Chi Minh City, we envision a bubble to people where to connect with themselves, recharge their lives and enjoy the power of the tropical nature. As we know, Vietnam is a beautiful country, full of wonderful landscapes, tropical forests, mangroves and rivers. However, as we all can see, our city is getting more polluted and far away from this amazingly greenery we once had each and every day. The city is developing rapidly into an economical capital of South East Asia.

The construction is happening rapidly, intensely and expanding beyond the CBD. This is great for the economy of the country as it helps to create more job opportunities, bring new fresh and international ideas and improve the overall quality of life of the country. However, by doing so, most of the current projects of the city are removing the green areas and pushing our city far from the old lush greenery city of the past. Moreover, the traffic, the waste management and the current air pollution are becoming uncontrollable and affecting every citizen in the city.

Next to Tac River, in District 9, only 30 minutes far from District 2, our exploration project is a 3 hectares plot with own wild vegetation that gives the feel of a countryside. Immediately, we naturally decided to create something to give to everyone who wants to get away from the busy city a chance to enjoy the greenery, openness, and fresh-air.

Designed as a  "eco-friendly project" based on the sustainability and ecologic concepts we have created three different programs that are connected to each other:

ECO-STAY → ECO-Resort ECO-EAT → ECO-Farming ECO-MEET → ECO-Community Garden

The build area for this program is only 20% of the plot, the rest 80% of the area will be preserve for nature with the addition of cleaning, re-organizing, and planting more trees.

Our approach is to be flexible and adaptable to our environment, therefore, our 35-40 sq. m. Eco-Bungalows are designed with minimal impact to the land and our structure has the ability to be recycled in the future. This economical and standard structure of the market is combined with local, traditional and recycled materials (wood, bamboo, OSB panels and recycled plastic) that help to generate a natural environment that will also be surrounded by trees and fruits. In conclusion, we aim to offer our citizens what is intended by nature with green surroundings. Our hope is not only our guests enjoy the place, but also to be submerge in nature and learn from what nature has to offer from the building they see to the food they eat.

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