BT Building Collective Oasis

Project type | Private Residence / Workshop

Location | Binh Thanh Dist. | HCMC

Scope | Concept Design

Design discipline | ARC | ID

Completed Date | On-going

Nested and stash away behind the steel sheer screen is an eye-opening oasis of collective and communal spaces with pockets of surprises that are created to intentionally transcend and connect the mind, the collaboration, and the exploration that one awesome idea. 


This is our collective oasis and it is created to ease the eyes, invigorate the mind, and soothe the souls. Similar to any great couturier, our building reveals itself as soon as the curtain is "dropped". In our case, once you've entered through the steel veil, our building announces itself as an element of surprise with a splash of awe. The sights and the subtle sounds of conversations, nature, and people's movement invigorate the urgent need to explore every single corner of this space. 


During the day, it is a place for creativity with neutral white tones along with a natural brightness that will inspire imagination. There is this connection with greens that fosters caring and nurturing both the mind and the passion within. Everywhere we look, there is a presence of nature visually and physically. The building provides an empty canvas for the art that is the creative products and the people in it. 


Towards the evening, our oasis becomes more intimate with warm lighting that arouses and relaxes the consciousness. 


"Design with a Purpose, Build for Joy."


20-B Doan Huu Trung

An Phu, District 2

HCMC, Vietnam.

(+84) 28 3519 0091


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